We build individual and institutional capacity to achieve positive, sustainable outcomes through negotiation and cooperation.



1) ADVISE: we partner with leaders and organizations to help them manage conflict and capture greater benefits through negotiation and collaboration.


2) EDUCATE: we design and deliver distinctive learning experiences that build negotiation confidence, competence, and creativity for individuals and groups.


3) MEDIATE: we facilitate agreements and cooperative behavior between two or more parties, helping to manage disputes and support multilateral partnerships.


4) INNOVATE: we develop tools and resources for practitioners and policy makers, leveraging insights from science and experience.


5) SHARE: we disseminate ideas on the art and science of cooperation to empower people everywhere to contribute to a more just, peaceful and prosperous world.

Ian Solomon

"We all negotiate all the time every day -- imagine if we got better and better with each interaction and reliably achieved more satisfying and sustainable results"


Ian H. Solomon

Founder of SolomonGlobal



Businesses, Governments, NGOs, Multilateral Organizations, Foundations, Educational Institutions, Community Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Youth Groups, and more.

"I have admired Ian's leadership and creativity in building creative partnerships across the University and around the world."


Harry L. Davis

Professor of Creative Management at Chicago Booth School of Business

Ian Solomon

SolomonGlobal was founded by Ian H. Solomon, a lifelong student of negotiation, conflict, and cooperation. 


A businessman, policy maker, diplomat, and educator with 20 years of experience in more than 40 countries, Ian created SolomonGlobal to advance the art and science of working together to address our greatest challenges.


Formally educated at Harvard College and Yale Law School, Ian’s cross-sectoral experience includes consulting with McKinsey & Company, creating common ground on Capitol Hill, negotiating global agreements at the World Bank, and fostering innovation from senior positions at Yale and the University of Chicago. 

Ian is also a Lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a Senior Fellow on Africa at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and a member of the Board of Visitors at National Defense University. 







As U.S. Executive Director for the World Bank Group, Ian represented the United States in multilateral diplomacy and multi-stakeholder agreements. In this role, he championed open data, institutional innovation, and increasing private sector investment in Africa.

As Senior Advisor to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Ian focused on TARP restructuring, foreclosure prevention initiatives, and regulatory reform. He also worked to strengthen Treasury’s policy role in global anti-poverty and food security efforts with U.S. and multilateral development agencies.

As Legislative Counsel to then-U.S. Senator Barack ObamaIan helped with various legislative initiatives on economic policy and government reforms, including the landmark Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act. 

As Associate Dean of the Yale Law School, where he worked as the School’s Chief Financial Officer, managing the budget, overseeing human resources for faculty and staff, and directing financial and administrative planning. 

As Consultant at McKinsey & Company, Ian counseled clients in international financial services, media and nonprofit sectors on growth strategy, change management, cost-cutting and governance. 

As Vice President for Global Engagement at the University of Chicago, Ian led teams in Chicago, Beijing, New Delhi and Hong Kong to support international programs, overseas centers and campuses, research collaborations, and innovative global education opportunities.

"The facilitators had great diversity of experiences among them to bring a wide variety of real-life examples, tools and strategies for negotiation."

R. Rossi-Foulkes 2016