Our approach is interdisciplinary and international. 


We incorporate the latest scientific thinking and practice.
We foster innovation in problem solving.

Our team includes a network of global scholars and practitioners with experience in law, business, government, international affairs, development, and education.  We capture the value of diverse disciplines and perspectives and bring original insights from game theory, psychology, law, anthropology, history, design, and other fields.

We apply the latest research on human behavior, organizational design, and the science of learning in developing strategies to overcome social, psychological, and cognitive barriers to optimal outcomes. We incorporate mindfulness meditation and the power of self-awareness and insight.

Negotiation is an art and a science and our unique approach applies lessons from both. We create custom contexts for imaginative problem solving through structured interaction with the natural environment, art and music, exercise, games, technology, and role play. We also apply data driven and computational resources to expand the ranges of available solutions. 


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Negotiation is our most important tool for navigating a world of competing ideas and priorities – at home, at work, in the marketplace, and beyond. Each of us negotiates all day long, often without thinking about it. 

Despite extraordinary advances in technology, modern society has not yet achieved equivalent breakthroughs in the field of human cooperation. In fact, the same technologies that improve many of our lives also hold the seeds of destruction if we don’t improve our ability to co-exist on this planet. Closing our "cooperation gap" holds enormous potential and promise for the world.

SolomonGlobal negotiation and cooperation

"This session brought me from a place of anxiety about negotiation to feeling confident and empowered.  It was highly interactive and gave me the opportunity to practice skills."

H. Lawrence 2016